The National Health Service: Compassion, Equity and Transparency Essay

The National Health Service: Compassion, Equity and Transparency, 489 words essay example

Essay Topic: health, compassion, service

This model had worked exceptionally well, with around 70% patients who were admitted on a charitable or free model and remaining 30% being the patients who were willing to pay. The model emerged out of the ethical values which Dr V used to practice himself which included Compassion, equity and transparency. Compassion was related to treating patients with care, equity referred to a wonderful system of standardization of practices, whether for free or paying patients and transparency meant affordability of the treatment.  Dr V passed away in 2006 but when he was alive and active, he used to lead by example. Even though he had suffered because of his arthiritis, he never let it come in his way when he was leading his organization. Even when he developed the Aravind Hospitals, he never drew any money out of it and was living on his monthly pension which he was getting out of his work at the Government Medical College where he had worked prior to starting Aravind. 

Aravind had been socially responsible by taking care of the poor and the needy patients by providing them the same quality standards in surgery as were provided to the patients who were paying the fees

Ethics and Social responsibility go hand in hand. Ethics is more of a moral obligation to be fair and accountable while social responsibility acts like a moral obligation to the world we live in. Dr V, through his values, leadership by example and consistent efforts to provide sustainable eye care along with his commitment to the mandate created world class eye hospitals which were following the path even after he had passed away. The National Health Service (NHS) was set up in 1948 by the Government of UK, to provide healthcare services to the citizens living primarily in England, the biggest constituent of the United Kingdom. Subsequently separate NHS trusts were created to serve people in Scotland and Wales. The NHS was established through the National Health Service Act, 1946 which was implemented in 1948. The NHS was funded by the taxpayers money and it had been the largest network of free/subsidized healthcare services in the world. Most of the services offered by the NHS were free. It was not merely through its hospitals, but NHS provided services through the local practitioners including dentists, general practitioners as well as pharmacists. The NHS staff including practitioners, pharmacists, etc was not only working at NHS hospitals, but at the local health centres as well. There were some General Practitioners who were visiting patients homes as well, on request. NHS was one of the biggest employers in England, with over 1 million people employed with it. The services provided by NHS included patient care services such as nursing, medicine, midwifery, along with allied health services such as radiography, physiotherapy, etc. NHS England had an annual budget of GBP 95.6 billion in 201314 and was known for its Governance. NHS had always been trying to get a better governance 

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