The profession of Forensic Science Technician Essay

The profession of Forensic Science Technician, 498 words essay example

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In this essay you will learn about a Forensic Science Technician, about what they do, how they do it, and how much money you make. Forensic Science is the best subject in my opinion, criminal justice and coroners are just something that is really cool. In this essay it will tell you all about it and also what they have to know and go thru to be one.
The employment of forensic science technicians is said to increase from now till 2024, 27 percent. With many people fighting to get the same job as them only about 3,800 will make it into that field of work in the next 10 years. Our technology just keep stetting better and better and that will advance the knowledge evidence more than ever before. Large police stations can hire full time forensic science technicians but that will change the budgets (OOH).
The pay for being a Forensic Science Technician is $27.08 per hour, which is about $56,320 per year. 10 percent of the highest workers earned more than $94,410 and the lowest 10 earned only around 34,000. It also depends on how much time the person will work, like how many hours they have. Scientist always have to be able to come in when called for to collect or examine the data/evidence. Some police station that are small can call a forensic scientist and rely on them to do stuff for them. Such as life, physical, and also social science technicians make less salary than a Forensic Science Technician would. (OOH)
The values of being a Forensic Science Technician is that it is definitely important to know how to read, speak, and write. Using Science such as scientific methods to help solve problems,and know how to do hard Complex problem solving. It is also important to be able to have good social skills and be able to manage your time very well. Making decisions, and potential actions in this job carrier will be very appropriate to know also.(mymajors)
Some of the activities we'll be working with blood and DNA, and other fluid and tissue that comes from the body and animals. Drugs and other kinds of substances, patterns and particles. Also analyze signatures, and handwriting to determine who it came from, and even look for fingerprints or just prints to help find something. (National Careers Service)
Training could be done by getting trained threw the company at home, or by external training courses, seminars and workshops(National Careers Service). A higher senior level position a master's degree may be needed. Usually on the job training is needed also. A basic Forensic Technician training is that a Bachelor's degree is needed in some kind science. According to the American Academy of Forensic Science the major that is most important to choose is that you get coursework in math, and about 24 academic units of chemistry or biology. Math and Science courses that are edition could be criminal justice, criminal law, forensic archeology or public speaking could be very handy(study.com).

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