The resolution of the Spratly Island dispute Essay

The resolution of the Spratly Island dispute, 500 words essay example

Essay Topic: natural resources, time, pride, problems

This is due to the number of claims and countries involved, it is complicated for the ICJ to make a resolution to make all the countries satisfied. Moreover, there is an involvement of China, which indicates the one of the most powerful nation that has veto-wielding member. Over the years, many dispute resolution were made and being issued to remain order on the claiming the Spratly Island.
One of the resolutions is called semi-Enclosed sea and joint development. This is where all the sovereignty being put aside and altogether brings the development and the harbor the natural resources that available in the Spratly Island. The case of South China Sea as semi closed is still in question whether it is going to work or not. However, the China are ready to work the resolution out of the context and make it happen but Philippines are tolerable about the sovereignty in the claims.in other word, six countries that involve in the joint development is hard to foresee the length of the term. (Mito, 1998)
The other ways to resolve the dispute is to make the Spratly Island as an international Marine Peace Park. This is the action where all the sovereignty being temporarily disables for a certain time. It is to ensure the preservation of the nature of the Spratly Island being protected and manage the biological diversification. The peace ark is undoubted is very challenging step in order to make it work and with all the countries involved with the Spratly Island dispute, must take account on its effectiveness. Due to the several factors that indicate the challenges in achieving the peace park, the tension are getting serious and undoubted in dangerous perspective in not being handle well. It is due to the factor of psychological, cultural diversification and different historical. (McManus, 2010)
The other alternative is to have a mixed or joint commission. This is to set the term of having prolong supervise in order to create institutionalizing the negotiation. This is where all the parties involved will sent out their representative to combat or handle the dispute that come into consideration and they had to resolve in a peaceful manners. This is a way to resolve the dispute in more relevant way due to the representative that works to handle the problems and dispute and come out with the solution that actually comprehensive. The decision are made in term of sovereignty are decided at all once they had to conclude. The topic that will be discussed will be limit but over the terms of claims, sovereignty and other will have more legitimate resolution to the others. The main challenges in this resolution are whether all nations will be participating in the initiative or not. Each of the states has all their pride and ego and this make the resolution is challenging. Some of the state that claiming the Spratly Island is claim only the partial of if while some wants to conquer the entire archipelago of Spratly Island. (Hanessian, 1960)

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