The role of an International Manager Essay

The role of an International Manager, 489 words essay example

Essay Topic: point of view, business management, interpersonal skills, environment

efficient, professional and productive as possible. Having a broad education background on business management skills as well as having the unique managerial characteristic, I resolved into setting norms during my initial days as the manager in the organization. I used every active channel into ensuring that my expectations as the business manager were clear to the entire workforce in the organization. Due to the difference in the managerial practice across the globe, clear communication of the expectations regarding company goals, mission and values ensure that all of the diverse personalities in the business worked toward a common objective (Williams, 2008, p. 141). Precise communication of these expectations was also able to give clear communication to the workforce on the leaders of the organization (Shin and Park, 2013, p. 3). Therefore, the entire workforce tried to their level best to ensure that everyone was as comfortable as possible within the business premises. Additionally, I set a company culture and practice that ensured that all of the members of the organization communicated in a neutral language and talked about neutral subjects while in the business premises. The neutrality in language promoted transparency in communication and hence managed to do away with disputed that were likely to emerge due to a misunderstanding during communications. The natural language was as well able to foster a business environment that encouraged quick decision-making process in times of crisis (Chuang, 2013, p. 11). I always made an effort to understand all of the matters that employees brought to my attention. On the same note, I would try as much as possible to understand each and everyone's point of view in situations that major crisis or disputes had emerged in the enterprise. Employees worked hard to show appreciation for the efforts I made to (or "intending to") understanding them. Feelings of isolation seized to exist as each and every member o the organization developed a sense of belonging.
International companies work to expand the spheres of their businesses team performance is hence a vulnerable factor to the problem related to cross-culture (Williams, 2008, p. 137). A company can foster interpersonal skills among members as these skills are useful in assisting team members in acknowledging the differences amongst workers and hence resolve issues of misunderstandings. The company can also tackle the dimension that deals with the general skills in a group (Jager, 2011, p. 238). These skills will enhance the ability of a workforce to clearly understand and communicate the goals, roles and norms of a company. Skills can also be increasing in an organization that will, in turn, ensure that team members exercise patience during intercultural situations (Congden, Matveev and Desplaces, 2009, p. 75).
The role of an International Manager (Expert/Influencer/ Facilitator/Support)
Managers play important roles in influencing the success of multinational corporations. Managers are often influencers, expert, facilitators and offers required support within a business set up. Depending on the specific job descriptions of managers, these individuals act as experts who other workers can seek assistance

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