The theory of objectification of women Essay

The theory of objectification of women, 492 words essay example

Essay Topic: substance abuse, eating disorders, act, problem

in US were married while less than 20% of males were married as well.
1.2.4. Objectivication
When women are evaluated by their physical appearance, it is referred to as objectification. The theory of objectification is concerned with how women process the perceptions of males internally in order to create their own perception about themselves. Women are deeply affected by comments, looks and other attitudes towards their physical appearance and most often the end up taking many actions including surgery, tanning, dieting, use of extremely harmful products and so on just to look and feel good in the eyes of advisers (Calogero, 1998). The effects could also include eating disorders, anxiety, depression and sexual dysfunction. When women do not receive the need attention for their looks, they automatically disconnect from their bodies and try to get it back to the so called standards set by males. Even narcissistic women sometimes allow the cements and attitudes to get to them (Noll and Frederickson, 1998). The problem is not with advising the woman's physical attractiveness but the fact that it is connected or linked with its sexual appeal to men (Bartky, 1990).
Among the effects of objectification, the most serious is the psychological effect. Emotionally women feel anxious when their bodies are evaluated and this anxiety suppresses sensations such as hunger, sexual urges and stomach contractions. When the effect is maximized, the woman resorts to substance abuse with the thought that it would solve the problems but they fail in most cases (Frederickson and Roberts, 1997) especially for cases related to depression.
Substance abuse is also facilitated by the media because the media outlets try to associate substance abuse with physical appearance and make it seem as if they both depend on each other. We could state an example of the Bulgarian Apauna Beer commercial where a big breasted lady walks into a bar and orders a beer. Instead of asking for an opener she inserted the bear underneath her blouse and opened it surprisingly. The men in the bar began admiring her act because in their mind they thought that the breasts did the opening until the lady brought out her necklace which was also an opener. This advertisement is just one out of a million examples of how the media helps in making women sexual targets. If there are women with small breasts watching this advertisement, their general conclusion would be either that men love big breasted women on big breasted women feel more confident. The next action would be thoughts of plastic surgeries to enlarge their breasts and this is where pills, potions and other drugs stand to be abused. We can examine another famous advertisement of Miller Lite which was called the catfight which featured two women wrestling each other and ended up with only their underwears and kissing each other while men were watching (Chira, 2003). The surprising thing is that there is no connection whatsoever between beer and women so the question still remains why women are

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