The Types of Windshield Damage Essay

The Types of Windshield Damage, 494 words essay example

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The Different Types of Windshield Damage
Windshield is a very important part of a vehicle. The cops can catch you for having a cracked windshield. Various kinds of windshield cracks can develop. The majority of these cracks come from stones or debris lodged in the tires which end up hitting the windshield and thereby producing cracks.
The Most Common Types of Windshield Cracks
Ding/Chip/Stone Break This is among the most common type of windshield damage caused by a debris or rock hitting the windshield while a person is driving the vehicle. A very small piece of glass comes from the windshield creating the ding or chip. This type of damage known as the chip repair can easily be done but if it is not done promptly, then it can crack and a replacement from a reputed vehicle services would be required.
Cracked Chip - This kind of damage in a windshield is that of single crack that is nearly the size of a quarter that possesses an impact point. It is usually repairable.
Bull's Eye This kind of damage of the windshield is usually due to some kind of debris or rock of a larger size. It is circular in shape and somewhat bigger than a ding or chip. Most of the time it can be repaired, but all depends on the size of the chip. If the damage is too big or a big chunk of glass has been shattered, a replacement of the windshield is necessary.
Combination Break This kind of damage of windshield creates a number of types of breaks, such as cracks, dings and chips. If only a few breaks are present which are small and superficial, a repair can usually fix the windshield. A replacement in such cases is not usually needed but in case of large and much deeper cracks, a replacement of the windshield is mandatory.
Edge Crack This kind of crack affecting the windshield begins within 2 inches of the edge of the windshield or starts immediately at the edge of the windshield. This crack which usually forms immediately at the windshield is about 10 to 12 inches in length. A windshield replacement from a reliable vehicle services in such cases is a must.
Floater Crack This kind of windshield crack begins in the center of the windshield. Depending on the depth and length of the crack, a decision is made whether the windshield have to be replaced or repaired.
Stress Crack Over a period of time your windshield can develop stress crack. The weather both cold and hot play a role in the development this kind of crack. For instance, if a car is parked in the parking area for several hours, it receives the hot, scorching sun rays and then if the air conditioner is turned on, the windshield is weakened or stressed and stress cracks appear on it. Some cracks are repairable but if the whole windshield is stressed, it is advisable to have it replaced.

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