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Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of South America with diverse natural attractions.

Along its Caribbean coast are tropical resort islands including Isla de Margarita and Los Roques archipelago. To the northwest are the Andes Mountains and the colonial town of Merida.

The capital of Venezuela is Caracas there president is Nicolas Maduro, he has been president since 2013.

The population of Venezuela is 30.41 million (2013). The language they mainly speak is spanish. The animals in Venezuela are many different varieties Venezuela is home to 1,400 species of birds, Over 300 Mammals and nearly a thousand different fish most are familiar with Anacondas, Boas , Piranhas, Stingrays, Electric eels, and Foxes.

Venezuelan bolvar is the name of the currency, Venezuelan currency compared to the US dollar is a big drop because one bolivar is worth only 16 cents in the US. Venezuela, like most South American nations, is a predominantly Catholic nation. The influence of the Catholic Church was introduced in its colonization by Spain.

Temperature changes are slight and there are no seasons as known in northern climes. The only seasons in Venezuela are the rainy and the dry seasons. There is a cool weather from November through February, particularly in high altitude areas such as The Andes, Gran Sabana, Guayana and the Coastal range in which Caracas is located. The hottest months are July and August, especially in the humid Maracaibo, where the summer months send the temperatures soaring to above 100F (38C). There are many entertainments in venezuela but one big entertainment is soccer.

Their national team is controlled by Federacion Venezolana de futbol. When they play at home they rotate between 3 stadiums but when they play friendly matches they tend to rotate between the rest of the stadiums in the country.

Arepa is the most famous dish in Venezuela is a cornmeal cake that can be grilled, baked or fried. Unlike in neighbouring Colombia where it is normally eaten unadorned, here in Venezuela it is split open and filled with a variety of cheese and meats. The empanadas in Venezuela are deep fried, stuffed corn flour patties. Depending on the region you can even find shark, clams or other types of seafood fillings  especially in coastal regions like Margarita Island. The most typical empanadas are those filled with cheese and minced meat. Petroglyphs reflect the creativity of the people before the discovery of Venezuela by Columbus. You can find carvings in around 200 places in the country. Churches and museums still have paintings of saints and carved wooden statues.

In 1956, White Sox player Luis Aparicio was named American League Rookie of the Year, the first player born in Latin America to win the award. In 1966, he helped lead the Baltimore Orioles to their World Series title. He played for the White Sox again in 196870 and retired after the 1973 season. Aparicio appeared in 15 AllStar games and is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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