Types of Facebook Advertising Essay

Types of Facebook Advertising, 485 words essay example

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2.1. Types of Facebook Advertising

Advertising can be defined as any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Advertisers include not only business firms but also charitable, nonprofit, and government agencies. (Kotler and Keller, 2012). According to Facebook (2015), currently, there are 9 different types of Facebook ads available to marketers to choose from

1. Page Post Engagement Adverts

Page posts engagement ads are posts uploaded by the marketers, which could be in the form of text or photos. These posts are then promoted in order to engage with the targeted audiences which can be chosen beforehand.

2. Page like adverts

This type of ads enables users to like the advertisers Facebook page directly from the ad. The strength of the page like adverts is that when a user likes the advertisers page, the advertisers posts will appear in the users timeline, along with posts from their friends and family, thus enabling the advertiser to increase awareness of their business.

3. Clicks to Website Adverts

When users click on the advertisement, it takes them to the advertisers home page, online store, product page or any other page that the advertiser prefers.

4. Video Ads

Allow advertisers to create video adverts where people can share comments and like the video, thus enabling advertisers to build their brand.

5. Website Conversions

By adding a snippet code of the HTML on their website, it allows advertisers to get reports on what users do on their website after seeing your Facebook advert, such as browsing web pages, registering or even registering or making purchases.

6. App Install and Engagement Adverts

The app installs feature allows Facebook application developers to run and advert for the app and drive more engagement for their app by directing people to the app store landing page when they click on the ad. As for the app engagement, it allows advertisers to link to specific areas of their app, such as their online store, registration page, or others.

7. Event Response Adverts

Event response adverts allow advertisers to create an event to promote sales, products or even trade shows that Facebook customers can add to their own calendars and enables them to receive reminders for the event such as an opening or party and include an RSVP for advertisers to keep track of the number of people who responds to the event. The event response ad will also have a chance to be a newsfeed story within the users profile for all of their friends to see.

8. Offer Claim Adverts

An offer claim advert allow advertisers to offer discounts to customers or any other promotion and enables them to decide the duration of the offer and the maximum limit of claims.

9. Local Awareness Adverts

Allows advertisers to choose the distance around their business and the profiles of their target customers that they want to reach and is suitable to drive customers to their business place.

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