Universal Health Care Program Essay

Universal Health Care Program, 511 words essay example

Essay Topic: health care

For some, the issue of health insurance is debatable, for others, it is a requirement. Some people believe that health care should be for everyone and not certain people. Whether you agree or not, health care should definitely be a requirement for everybody, no exceptions. There should be no debate about it. Of all things people have to worry about, health insurance should not be one of them.
First things first, why should the United States government create a universal health care plan? Single-payer systems are the only way to achieve proper health care systems in the United States. "The United States tops all of the other countries in per capita expenditures." (https//blogs.commons.georgetown.edu) Yet, almost 45 million citizens go uninsured-- some only have minimum or limited coverage. However, today, health care is based on the purchase an individual makes. As a result, it is the individual's responsibility to purchase it. Furthermore, a universal health care plan can reduce the cost of care, making it easier and cheaper for everyone. Also, it can provide all citizens with primary care. Incidentally, medicines will become a priority for all.
For years, the fight for universal health care has failed. Mostly because of the interest people have in it. Different groups have a different influence on health care. "The rise of powerhouse companies like Blue Cross and other private insurance plans, the association of public programs with charity and poverty, and fragmentation of public policy are a few of the big influences." (https//blogs.commons.georgetown.edu) Rising costs means millions continue to be denied health care. So should legislation be passed to order a government-funded, universal health care program?
Yes. Nearly 45 million Americans in the United States do not have health insurance. This is because the United States is the only industrialized country that does not provide a national health care or insurance program. "Millions of other Americans fail to get enough insurance benefits through their employers." (https//blogs.commons.georgetown.edu) Well over 100,000 people fail to meet requirements, such as payments, which then results in loss of their insurance. This does not help these citizens it actually makes for a very bad situation as health care costs continue to rise.
The number of Americans without any access to the health care system, at all, is shocking. Less than half of the U.S. population lacks access to the health care system because they are not insured. Poorer Americans, including working families, elderly men and women, and children, don't get the proper services they need. Consequently, many insurance companies make decisions about health care that should only be made by professionals, such as doctors.
Every U.S. citizen deserves good health care, even if they cannot afford the pricey costs of health insurance. It should be a right to have health care, not a privilege. If the United States government adopted a single-payer system, each and every person, despite ability to pay, would receive high-quality, medical care, with their own choice of hospitals and doctors. Also, most people would actually pay

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