Vibration of internal combustion engine Essay

Vibration of internal combustion engine, 482 words essay example

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The vibration of the engine block contains indirect information regarding the condition of the engine. Hence, maintenance and condition monitoring of an internal combustion engine is a very important activity required to ensure optimal performance and to maintain the utility of the engine.
Internal combustion engines have become a compulsory and main part of our in daily life. It has been comprehensively deployed in various configurations for transportation such as vehicle, ships and motorcycles. The role of the internal combustion engine in a vehicle is to provide power to the driven wheels via the drive train (Roberts, Brooks, & Shipway, 2014). The combustion is the process in any engine functioning when it is delivered the energy via the chemical combustion processes hence the importance of this phase is the most important in the cycle of the engine, all the technical and economical parameters heavily depending on it (Heywood, 1988). The combustion process is very complex because there are a lot of parameters involved in it, highly dependent on the conditions of combustion
The information about combustion intensity, injection malfunction or engine compression malfunction can identify from the maximum amplitude of vibration. When combustion takes place, pressure and mechanical forces act over the engine block, producing the vibration of the block wall. In addition, the pressure gradients produced during combustion also cause the resonant oscillation of the gas in the combustion chamber (Ettefagh, Sadeghi, Pirouzpanah, & Arjmandi Tash, 2008). It depends mainly on the bowl geometry and the gas temperature, being the last one dependent on the chemical properties of the fuel.
The high demand and concern over vehicle quality has risen with more users seeking a vehicle with long span life, its forced designer and car makers to direct attention to the development of high quality engine. The design and maintenance of engine are main factor for engine vibration (Taghizadeh-Alisaraei, Ghobadian, Tavakoli-Hashjin, & Mohtasebi, 2012)(Cheng, Tang, Ji, & Huang, 2012). The condition of the engine can be identified by vibration of the engine block (Carlucci, Chiara, & Laforgia, 2006) which the engine provides a very important contribution to the annoying noise perceived inside a vehicle.
The perfect balance of power and torque of the engine will have a tendency to move or to transmit vibrations to the base to which it is attached. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfectly balanced engine in fact, the engine is one of the main sources of vehicle vibration due to unbalanced forces from the engine parts during the operation. Many researchers study on noise and vibrations resulting from combustion process in internal engines(Carlucci et al., 2006)(Haddad & Pullen, 1974)(Liu & Randall, 2005)(Mao, Hao, Jing, Zheng, & Liu, 2013). The combustion forces transmitted through the pistons and connected rods are the major causes of engine vibration (Hosseini Fouladi, Mohd. Nor, Kamal Ariffin, & Abdullah, 2009) and the various engine condition such as the highest speed and the lowest speed, cause different engine vibration condition.

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