West's book "Race Matters" and the issue of races equality. Essay

West's book "Race Matters" and the issue of races equality., 500 words essay example

Essay Topic: book, issue, equality, race

works by Karl Marx as well as listen to sermons by black spiritual leaders whose ancestors two generations before had been slaves in the country. it is clear from the interactions with the writer through his work that he is passionate about the subject matter. Being an African American, he was opposed to the notion that the black community were second class citizens in the country. His tone in the essay shows that he is strongly opposed to the notion but rather believes in equality of all races.
Cornel Ronald West is an outspoken American philosopher and highly respected Harvard educator who has written a number of nonfiction essays and articles, editor and social critic. He is best known for his opinion on race as depicted in his book called "Race Matters" (1993). West voiced his opinion through essays, books and public speeches on philosophies such as politics, social issues, pragmatism, religion and Marxist theories affecting present-day America. The philosopher was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma to a civilian U.S. Air Force Administrator and his elementary school teaching wife. West showed an understanding of the racial disparity while still in school where he was suspended for assaulting a pregnant teacher who forced him to salute to the American flag. His actions were in protest of the classification of black Americans as second class citizens after the white people.
West's childhood and education exposed him to activism especially after reading Karl Marx's work. His major works featured work by other African American writers such as Du Bois, Toni Morrison, and Ren Descartes, a philosopher, mathematician and French national. West addressed major issues such as socialism, racism and multiculturalism in his numerous essays. West's book "Race Matters" was released on the first anniversary of the riots in Los Angeles that followed the acquittal of four white officers of the law who were accused of beating a defenseless African American motorist Rodney King. According to West, every single citizen of the country regardless of race or political opinion is responsible for the lack of relations between people from different ethnic communities in the country. the riots that included people of all races and classes are discussed in the book. Essays on the renascent popularity of Malcolm X, an African American activist, on sexuality, black rage, and relations between Jews and the Black community are included in the book.
What then is the relationship between the term "nihilism" to violence, apathy and hedonism? Has the preoccupation of Americans with pleasure contributed to a nihilistic threat to members of minor ethnic communities in the country? does the difference in color affect how people interact with each other? Does it affect our leadership, politics and economics? In his decisions, West addresses the ambiguities of terminologies used in reference to racial profiling and the challenges faced by people while interacting with each other. The essay challenges the clichs of trite and commonplace stereotypes that forces the interpretive reader to offer appreciation for the nuances portrayed in the article

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