What is FNS Computer Matching Agreement? Essay

What is FNS Computer Matching Agreement?, 499 words essay example

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accessing the system and for the security of data exchanged between FNS and the state system per the FNS Computer Matching Agreement.
In the event FNS personnel have questions regarding a state users access, use of eDRS data, state system security, etc., the states signatory of the FNS674 requesting eDRS application web services access, and the user(s) relevant to the questions being asked will be the primary points of contact. The signatory will also be responsible to provide the states eAuth L2 credentials to any state system required to interface with the eDRS application web services. The state retains responsibility to Authorize, create, and maintain user accounts connecting to eDRS web services through their state owned system according to the states existing access policies.
If a states representative would like more information on how to submit the FNS674 form for that state, please contact the eDRS Help Desk using the information provided below
FNS provides access to eDRS application web services in two environments, test/preproduction and production. The test environment is designed for use during all phases of development and testing of a state systems interface with eDRS before deploying that system to production. Note that the data in the testing environment is not actual Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and is not sensitive. The actual sensitive data that includes PII resides in eDRS production environment. This environment can only be accessed by a states production system.
Application Web Services Summary
Web services for the application consist of 22 software driven functions, each of which performs a specific task. These tasks are made individually available to users through the internet by way of programs on the FNSprovided web server. State systems are programmed to provide appropriate data to each of the specific individual tasks on the web server that performs the tasks.
Retrieving data from the eDRS database and returning information to the state system for its use according to the state system programming. State users depending on their roles can query, add, modify, delete or report on eDRS data directly from their local system by connecting via eDRS application web services. A brief description of each of the web services (tasks) is given below.
A regulatory requirement of eDRS stipulates that a state user making an eligibility determination must verify a disqualification reported by eDRS with the state and locality that submitted that disqualification before using that disqualification information to deny benefits. Thus any state that utilizes the Online Query by ID or Online Query by Name (see 3.1 and 3.2 below) must also support the ability to retrieve the details of a disqualification.
Web services provide data to the requesting state system, not directly to the user. The state user inputs and receives data through the data fields within the users screens within the states system, according to its programming. All of the information provided by eDRS web services to the states system might not be available to the user. Such availability depends upon the programming of the states system.

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