What makes a government good? Essay

What makes a government good?, 502 words essay example

Essay Topic: government, good

A government that focuses primarily on protecting individual rights and freedom, in an ideal world, would stand a far better chance of implementing fairness and social justice than one that doesn't. On the other hand, a government focuses primarily on fairness and social justice, or ignores the laws set in place (i.e. the constitution) then it becomes easy for an individual's rights and freedom to become ignored. If the government is "the system," the system becomes corrupt the minute it feels that it doesn't have to be held accountable to the law, and most importantly, to the people whom it serves. Ironic as it may seem (since the government seemingly controls the people), "the system" is actually run by the people. The citizens of a state have the power to choose the leaders, and even to influence how the rulers rule. When a system feels that it doesn't have to answer to the people or the rules set in place, the system becomes corrupt. The problem nowadays is that the people in power feel that 1) they are above the law and 2) they don't need to answer to the people. Governments and authorities of the state do whatever they want with little regard to the people's needs or the laws set forth by their founding fathers. Despite the many negatives that recent administrations have brought to light, I still believe that the idea of a system of government is actually very good. Governments are essential in providing structure to nations, states, cities, schools, businesses, and other jurisdictions. The essence of a true government is to represent the will of the people. Any "good" government will provide a system of structure and integrity so that it can function well. In order for this to happen, the government should first and foremost educate its citizens. Citizens who lack education about their society can never make informed decisions regarding the laws or social programs that affect many individuals. To ensure that a government stays integrous, it should allow for open criticism and listen to the needs of its citizens. This way, the government is aware of the thoughts and needs of the people and will be able to stay relevant.
Regardless of what should guide the decision-making authority of the state, what often does guide a government's decisions is less about the people and more about the individual gains of those in power. To understand the reason for this degeneration, one must venture back about 100 years ago to when the human population explosion occurred and observe the consequences of this population explosion. In early to mid 1900's, the industrial movement began and with it came political and economical reforms that helped to create more stable families, enabling more people to thrive for longer periods of time. With these new developments, infant mortality rates dropped, more people began to prosper, and life overall improved for everybody...or so we thought. This new era of efficiency and success brought with it a whole new assemblage of problems.

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