What problems is Chicago facing in 2016? Essay

What problems is Chicago facing in 2016?, 499 words essay example

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What problems is Chicago facing in 2016?
Chicago the America's third largest city with even a very serious problems. The resident of Chicago is deeply riven by race, distrustful of the police officers, fearful of the increased rate of violent crime and their disapproval of the elected head of city performance and their belief that the city is going down the wrong path. When it comes to affordability, health care, quality education, the standard of living and recreational activities for people, Chicago is among the 10 worst choices to live.
Residents of Chicago appear to have lost faith in many of its essential institutions, including the courts, police, and the public schools. The city of Chicago which is the nation's third-largest city has been operating with many positions of police vacant in a city with a high civilian homicides rate. Emanuel must regain is confidence but also many people express their concerns about racial bias in shootings of civilians by police officers and many shows mixed feelings about whether to call the police will ease the situations or not make it worse but most of the black Chicagoans doubt that calling the police will improve a dangerous situation.
The Chicago Public Schools problems seem to have no end. Most residents say their neighborhood lacks quality and standard public schools, the local teachers union endorsed the possibility of a strike action as preliminary talks over teacher evaluations, salary increases and pension contributions and also the union seems to be framing the dispute as a tradeoff between education sector and economic development which need to ask why they are spending more money on other projects when our schools are not properly funded, but the misery still continues. Mr. Emanuel's administration oversaw the closing of nearly 50 schools, many located in Latino and black communities but many people believe he closed a lot of schools without a better plan or option because of this nearly half of all parents living with children are planning to vacate Chicago.
Reports also show that some state in the United States develops much faster than Chicago over the past few years as Chicago is lagging behind in job creation and boosting income. While entrepreneurship increases, manufacturing is a strong means of a middle-class job for years but these have slow down Chicago development. The city of Chicago is in big trouble after a run of huge spending, heavy borrowing, and rising tax revenues. For the first term, Emanuel's administration request for a huge property tax increment in order cover for some of the city's shortfall. This proposal cost a lot of problems but he fights to recover the trust of his people.
Most Chicagoans say they doubt that Emanuel's administration cares much about the needs of people like them and nearly two-thirds think he cares not much or not at all. Among black Americans residents, the feelings are stronger and most people said that they disapproved Mayor Rahm Emanuel's job performance, and only a quarter approved his job performance.

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