What really influences people? Essay

What really influences people?, 503 words essay example

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How many of you have a negative view of telemarketers or sales professionals such as being over persuasive. If you have a business however, you are involved in sales. If you are a parent, you are involved in sales. Our kids are great sales people. You don't have to teach them about rejection, they just pass on by and next minute you know they are on an ice cream cone. Nobody taught them any scripts or anything. The single most powerful word is influence. What changes companies are leaders with new skill sets and leaders with new voices. Leaders solve problems and you can't do it yourself otherwise it would have been solved. You have to get others to help you and that is through the power of influence yet most of us think of this as selling and as a result we don't master influence. I am not going to get you to master influence by the end of this book but if you put this book into perspective and carry out the actions within the content you can influence, you can lead. If you can influence powerfully, intelligently with integrity, there is no limit for what you can envision and what you can make real. You can influence systems, people, and companies. If you can turn other people into influencers, then whatever you vision can be turned into reality. If the skill of a leader is influence, then the question becomes how do you influence? Days of manipulation as a means of success is over but adding value will never go out of style. Truth will never go out of style. Therefore, influencing with integrity holds the secret. What really influences people? The answer is the weaving of a story in a way that shifts people and that is human emotion. That's right readers, the big game here is emotion. You have to influence emotion where it's not a lack of resources, it's a lack of resourcefulness. If you are creative enough, if you are playful enough, if you are determined enough, if you are focused enough, you can find a way. If you are giving enough, if you are generous enough, if you are honest enough, you will get people to help you. You will find a way. Emotion affects our intellect. Our core story is only there to give you a set of facts to educate someone that will make them emotional enough to make a decision. They then go through a set of things that you have emotions about and begin to open up. As leaders, we can never forget that humans are emotional creatures including ourselves. To influence other people, we got to know what influences them. It comes down to being able to connect with them on a deep emotional level. To influence someone, u got to already be influenced. To persuade, to move, to drive people, you got to already be persuaded, moved and driven. Basically, you can't give others what you don't already have.

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