Why is it important to ask a question? Essay

Why is it important to ask a question?, 492 words essay example

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Sometimes it's useful to ask a question that reminds you that whatever you think is stressful today would be something that you dreamed about one time in your life. To have a foreground, you need a background. You need to remember your background. Do this well enough, you get to a place where instead of having to do something, the state that you do something in affects the people you deal with. The state is affected by what you focus on. And what you focus on is affected by questions. If you are in a position where you have to do something that you don't enjoy, you have to change your state so that you do. For example, if you have to make many phone calls, to enjoy the process, make them calls in the Jacuzzi. Ask and you shall receive. You have to ask consistently with a state of certainty.
If someone has a problem, ask them what is the question. All you are saying when you have a problem is the question which is not being answered. When you state them not as a question, you forget that you are after an answer. E.g. Funding is a problem in my company. Therefore I must ask what my question is. If my problem is funding, now you have a problem that's yours where you show people your problems. In reality, nothing changes until you get an answer to what really is going on. It's a problem because you haven't formed it as a question. If you got the question keep asking it with enough certainty, enough creativity and enough people. Ask and you shall receive. I have a question, how come I never get enough funding? If you ask a lousy question you get a lousy answer. Question should be how I can go out and talk to people to make people understand what a great investment my company is. Spend 5% of time on problem and 95% of time on solution. Most organisations  if people spend most time about problems, who is responsible and how it emerged, is it 5%? No it's reversed. I'm talking about the core total focus where you crystallize what the question is you need the answer to. There is no thing called a problem when you form a question.
I will give three steps in how to forms the right questions and answers.
Step 1 describe the problem in 1 to 2 sentences. To make it crystal clear, write no more than this.
Step 2 - Describe some solutions. Which are you favourite and why. What resources of time, energy and money would be required to implement this? What are 3 intelligent, practical and viable solutions that you believe we could implement to solve this? Notice how i am making the people problem solvers. If i solve the problem, they will have a new problem for me to solve. If i can teach them to be a problem solver, the game changes.

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