"Will exercise make us live a longer life"? Essay

"Will exercise make us live a longer life"?, 500 words essay example

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When you think of exercise research, you probably think of the many studies correlated between exercise and a long life.
Mostly exercises like running or jogging, which have been said to make on more nimble and help to become a quicker and better thinker.
A great example of this study is one that has taken place in Japan. A group of medical scientist compared the brain of a very fit elderly man to that of a regular 21 year old university student who lives a sedentary lifestyle. Much to the surprise of many people, the elderly man seemed to have the same functioning and brain movements of those who were in fact four times younger than he was. Because of this, he was still about to complete complex tasks, and could engage in memory related studies that would have been much too difficult for his fellow peers.
There was also another study done. This time, it was a healthy older women who completed program of light resistance training. After doing this training, it appeared that her brain's white matter matched that of a much younger woman who only went to the gym once a week. This white matter is what is responsible for linking higher memory retention in older adults. However, these are not just isolated incidents in a single study.
In fact, in a very similar study, a group of British researchers pooled a lot of information about a pair of fraternal female twins. They studied a lot about their muscle abilities, and charted their physical capability. Then, after ten years, they charted the same information. They ended up finding out that, the twin who used the most muscles, ended up being the better performer on the many cognitive tests that they ran. They also found that the twin with more muscle mass was should to have a larger volume of brain capacity that the other twin. That is to say, there was less 'empty space' in their overall brain capacity.
However, these are just studies involving the brain. In fact, there were quite a few studies having nothing to do with that organ. One study actually said that physical activity physiologically younger than those who did not engage in any physical activity regularly. This has to do with the fraying and shortening of the telomeres on their chromosomes. A more popular study, which many people are dying to know the results of, is one that has a more vague conclusion. The question of "Will exercise make us live a longer life" comes up in a lot of scientific studies. While there is no definite answer in that study, it could very well be said that any amount of exercise, even if it is only a very moderate exercise, will most likely in some time decrease the risk for a lot of premature death cases. If each of us keeps up a moderate exercise of about an hour, we too may be able to dodge the risk of dying early.

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