Bitter Path to Success in the Beauty Industry Essay

Bitter Path to Success in the Beauty Industry, 500 words essay example

Essay Topic: success, beauty

the whole beauty pageant, judges look for the self-assurance that gives off from the contestant. Some research displayed in the article "Beauty Pageants Saved My Life" shows that participants are often bullied before they enter beauty pageants and they participate seeking a way to boost self-esteem. They end up having better self-esteem, confidence, and have pride in participating in the beauty pageants. Other children that were raised in the pageant industry say that it aided their emotional well-being and confidence. An America's Perfect Teen contestant says that she was once bullied and now declares that, being on stage gives her the confidence to stand up to her former and current bullies. A lot of these girls first start out as shy children clinging to their mothers and hiding from others, but as they grew out of their shell from competing they now can stand in front of crowds filled with hundreds of people.
Having an outgoing spirit is an important personality trait in reaching the winning position in pageants. Because of this, these pageant children train every day to have a big white smile and bright eyes. Putting children into pageants for the benefit of gaining an outgoing personality is a common approach for stage parents. Most parents view the beauty pageants as a method to let their child acquire how to present themselves confidently in front of a large crowd to then be able to present themselves confidently everywhere else. As the pageant kids grow up with pageant values they also face the life outside of the glitz and glamour. It is important to realize that they still have to do homework, and take other classes like all other children to be able to develop other hobbies. To be an overall balanced child, they should be able to do other activities. The confident and outgoing behaviors of these children give out not only on the stage but it can also help them in their everyday life with making friends or with activities at school. Most pageant contestants have learned how to display themselves in front judges, but by being able to present themselves in front of strangers it makes it easier for them to be themselves in front of anyone. This is an important point as to why beauty pageants can be so mentally beneficial.
As shown through the research, there are effects of beauty pageants can help a young girl succeed in the pageant world and in real life. A growth in self-confidence can help a child in many ways socially, mentally and personally. From being more involved school, to building up the courage to apply for jobs and going into interviews, it is a highly essential part of modern society. Being a well skilled, confident child is the key to being crowned at a pageant but it is also a way to becoming a better person. Confident and strong-willed children have an easier time making friends and have a better mindset about their own self-image and self-esteem.

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