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Three desires of my life: success, love and wealth.

Love already governs many aspects of my life, but I hope it lasts while expanding. Firstly, my family has been there for me since I was born. They have been the first people to love me, and they have done so unconditionally, every day since....

life, success, love, wealth

Bitter Path to Success in the Beauty Industry

the whole beauty pageant, judges look for the self-assurance that gives off from the contestant. Some research displayed in the article "Beauty Pageants Saved My Life" shows that participants are often bullied before they enter beauty pageants and...

success, beauty

The Netflix Success Story

marketing and advertising approach (Ackson, 2015, p. 1). Continuous acquisition of new content through subsequent establishment of relationships with leading entertainment providers, provision of ease to technology for use by customers are some of...

story, success

Global business strategies: success at all costs

Many organizations do not promote failure and seek success at all costs. These kinds of activities and steps ensure that employees take calculated risks, which allows the organization to come back to a growth path. A few organizations struggle to...

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