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What is Global Health?

Global health is understood to be study, research and practice with a focal point of improving health and achieving health equality for people worldwide (Beaglehole & Bonita, 2010). Nurses embody the leading number of healthcare providers and...

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“Inside job” documentary about causes of the global financial crisis from 2008.

Inside job is a winning Oscar documentary from 2010, which highlights the situations that influenced the global financial crisis from 2008. This documentary exposes the internal sabotage of the American government and the innocent and nave mind of...

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Allergan Plc. Is The Global Pharmaceutical Company

Allergan plc. (NYSE AGN) has announced that rapastinel (GLYX-13), once-weekly intravenous Phase 3-ready molecule, has achieved the Breakthrough Therapy designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used as a secondary treatment...


Global business strategies: success at all costs

Many organizations do not promote failure and seek success at all costs. These kinds of activities and steps ensure that employees take calculated risks, which allows the organization to come back to a growth path. A few organizations struggle to...

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Forecasting global trends: exploration of world’s future

Concept of forecasting global trends is tightly connected with current global situation. The purpose of global trends forecasting is to analyze past globalization development, stages of development, current development and possible future...

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The Working Capital after the Global Financial Crisis and Economic Recession

The PwC European Working Capital Study on Cash release from the supply chain remains the biggest challenge to understand how the global financial crisis and subsequent economic recession have affected the liquidity of the corporate and the way they...

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