Forecasting global trends: exploration of world’s future Essay

Forecasting global trends: exploration of world’s future, 493 words essay example

Essay Topic: exploration, future, global

Concept of forecasting global trends is tightly connected with current global situation. The purpose of global trends forecasting is to analyze past globalization development, stages of development, current development and possible future development so afterwards it could be forecasted as accurate as possible.

Changes surroundings, trends, common problems and possibilities makes forecasting harder and more thug. Every days activities leads to new path and future of the world, which includes global trends.

In this paper I will try to write a few global trends scenarios I think is most possible to feel in future.

Scenario no. 1  Unhampered economy, threat of collapse

Forget sustainable development. State tirelessly exploits the resources and the booming consumer materialism and incessant use. After the dismantling of trade barriers, economic power has shifted to Asia. As a result, energy resources becomes even more limited and therefore more expensive. Supply chain is threatened by the growing number of catastrophic events (tsunami, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.) and global warming.

Scenario no. 2  A huge productivity megacity

Globalization has blossomed begins rapid urbanization process. People moving from villages to large cities, i.e. megacities. Megacities are not even greater London, and a completely new concept, involving a transport network, and so on.

And factories have become organic, i.e. nonpolluting. Most consumers are increasingly rent product or service, instead of being bought and digested.

Scenario no. 3  Personalized lifestyle

Users themselves develops, designs and produces afford the required products, thanks to technologies such as 3D printers. Thus, manufacturers and consumers are dictated by market rules. Local trade is booming, and the materials and information value goes down. People make their own "cocoons", which live safely and peacefully.

The world begins to understand not only the importance of supply chain efficiency, but also, and waste recycling. With the growing use of increasingly effective care consumed in the processing of goods.

Scenario no. 4  Arrest economic protectionism

As states implement protectionist economic policies designed to protect, promote and otherwise contribute to the country's companies to compete with foreign manufacturers, there is a lot of barriers, international trade is declining, new technologies stops developing.
Limitations of huge resources, and competing with each other, conflicts are inevitable.

Scenario no. 5  Global tension, local adaptation

Cheap production due to low prices, and for low cost  huge consumption. As a result, changing the cheap products more expensive, but more durable and higher quality.

Excess production systems, load and shift from global to regional supply to better adapt to natural disasters. Resulting in an increasing demand for services and internal techniques.

As I mentioned, every days actions, trends, common problems and surroundings are changing future, as well as global trends. Understanding global trends can help society to adapt faster and easier to new concepts and even avoid future catastrophes. Important is to understand that trends can be positive and negative in the same time. Even not so accurate global trends forecasting is providing possibility to guess the future, especially which is

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