Drawbacks of drinking in workplace. Essay

Drawbacks of drinking in workplace., 498 words essay example

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Negative sides of drinking in workplace
I will discuss about the negative sides of drinking in workplace. Drinking means that drink which contains a substantial amount of the psychoactive drug ethanol which is informally called alcohol). Drinking alcohol plays an important social role in many cultures. Alcohol has potential for abuse and physical dependence. As you know, if drinking too much on a single occasion or over time, it can take serious problems on your health which is can affect your body such as heart, liver and pancreas. Drinking too much alcohol can increase your risk of developing cancers. Your immune system also can be weak if we abuse consume alcohol.
Back to the topic of the article, Andy Pullman can categorized under alcoholism because he is drinking when he was beginning work in the morning and after work breaks during the day. There is two negative sides for Andys case as above
a) Mental and emotional effects
There are four types of mental and emotional effects.
Firstly, Andy can get symptom of loss of memory. Andy is a working man, if he get symptom of loss of memory, he cant do his job correctly because if he drinks heavily his brain cells might be destroyed which is he can experience blackouts, or periods where he cant remember what he did, said, or thought while he was drinking.
Secondly, Andy might get difficulty to learn something new. As what stated in the article, he is being considered for the position of Head of Quality Control. Surely he will learn something new for his new position but if he keep drinking in workplace, he cant to learn properly because Andy might get mental confusion, eye nerve paralysis and difficulty with muscle coordination.
Thirdly, Andy might get symptom of poor judgment and loss inhibition. The more alcohol that Andy consumes, the more he lose his inhibitions. This may result in him becoming overly talkative or more confident while he is working.
Fourthly, emotional effect on Andys emotion. If Andy keep drinking, he may easily become angry while stress, and physically or verbally abusive. His mood is wildly erratic and unpredictable. Since he is being considered for the new position, so Andy will have extra job pressures. The more alcohol that Andy consumes, the more Andys emotion can effected. It was worried by John whether Andy will get in the way of meeting his responsibilities.
b) Alcohol and drug policy in workplace
As stated in the article, Branch Incorporation will make a new alcohol and drug policy. This policy were made because Branch has been losing ground to its competitors in recent year because of their employees was found working under the influence of alcohol and drug.
In case for Andy, he is morally wrong if he keep drinking in workplace because it is forbidden. Andy must follows his workplace policy because it is his responsibility to obey the new policy at his workplace since that new policy give benefit to him and others.

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