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What is Deltasone?

What is Deltasone/prednisone? Deltasone is a trade name for Prednisone. In some cases, referring to the generic drug name Prednisone, health care professionals may use the names Liquid Pred, Meticorten, and Orasone. Deltasone/prednisone is part of a...

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The role of macrophages in the immune system

Macrophages are an essential component in the orchestration and expression of innate immunity and adaptive immune responses. These cells play a central role in inflammation and host defense. Additionally, cells of the monocyte- macrophage lineage...

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Drawbacks of drinking in workplace.

Negative sides of drinking in workplaceI will discuss about the negative sides of drinking in workplace. Drinking means that drink which contains a substantial amount of the psychoactive drug ethanol which is informally called alcohol). Drinking...

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