How to protect yourself while shopping online? Essay

How to protect yourself while shopping online?, 497 words essay example

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Every month billion of dollars are dumped in online shopping. From fast shipping to easy returns, online bargaining to special deals, online shopping pros goes on and on enticing you in every aspect to do shopping within the comfortable boundaries of your house. But hold on a second, in this alluring virtual shopping there is unfortunately hidden deception and fraud along with access to your personal information. All you need is to protect yourself by following some tactics and thinking logically to shop online with confidence.
Install anti-malware program
Although you know about it, but you still haven't installed an anti- malware software. Make sure your software is always up-to-date if it doesnot have feature to automatically update its version. Viruses are always changing and mutating so make sure you have installed a program that also detect new threats before it becomes a part of automatic updates. All in all, brace yourself from viruses and attacks without wasting any more time.
Use credit card
Credit cards are much safer in terms of debit card. Firstly, there is a limit on your spending. Secondly, it's difficult to recover your amount if it has been drawn directly from your debit card. You should opt to choose credit card by which less harm can be done even if someone has intercepted your financial information. Also, never use a website that does not have a secure socket layer (SSL).
Use familiar website
There is a likely chance that you will get astray and move off the path if you start looking at other page of your search engine rather than first few one. Also, endeavour to use only familiar website which you have experienced before or heard from close family members. Likewise, use websites like amazon, e-bay, etc. or renowned stores e-shop to avoid being caught in a spam. Lastly, do not look forward to websites with eerie spellings and those using dot net instead of dot com because this is a very common trick.
Check statement
Every week and or any day you get time, check your statement often to make sure there is no more fraudulent charge. If there are, you can check back with the respected authority or your bank and put you complain immediately through a call before it's gets late. Also, pay your bill only when once you get clearance from excessive charges. Now you know that you don't need to wait for your bill only at the end of the month.
Strong password
You need to create a password that is unbreakable so that no one can hack your password and get access to your account. No doubt but we give the least attention in choosing password and this is where we get caught too. So create a unique password which should be different for different sites. Furthermore, use long passwords and try to mix it up with symbols and uppercase letters. Also, never use a dictionary word, but a text and don't forget to change password in 2-3 months.

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