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How Online Math Games Can Be a Huge Help for Teachers?

How Online Math Games Can Be a Huge Help for Teachers Elementary teachers have to struggle a lot. They are not only tasked with teaching many students over the course of a school year, but also, they have to follow a syllabus and make sure that all...

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The role of Internet and Online – discussion in the process of learning

Integrative consensus allows everyone to express his or points of view and ideas from all lead to consensus which is a synthesis of everyones thoughts. Such synthesis is created on the basis of all group members viewpoints in relation with the...

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The advantages of online learning

Despites the advantages of educational video games in STEM education, some educators support online learning could be an effective supplementary to traditional lectures. Similar to educational video games, online courses allow students to learn at...

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The development of online shopogolism

The terms 'Online Shopping' has risen quickly since its break-through and become popular among people as they are tend to use online shopping instead of traditional shopping in which they need to go to stores to purchase items they want. There are...


Online Customer Experience

Personal experience includes life experience, education experience as well as online experience (Jongeun 2004, p. 90). According to Pinheiro (2014, p. 116), different education experiences of an individual would have a different viewpoint of trust...

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How to protect yourself while shopping online?

Every month billion of dollars are dumped in online shopping. From fast shipping to easy returns, online bargaining to special deals, online shopping pros goes on and on enticing you in every aspect to do shopping within the comfortable boundaries...

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