Online Customer Experience Essay

Online Customer Experience, 464 words essay example

Essay Topic: experience, customer, online

Personal experience includes life experience, education experience as well as online experience (Jongeun 2004, p. 90). According to Pinheiro (2014, p. 116), different education experiences of an individual would have a different viewpoint of trust in the same circumstances. Past non-store experience and experience in e-commerce can direct affects consumer's attitude on online services and consumer's willingness towards online services usage (Pi, Liao and Chen 2012, p. 110). Donald and Chang (2009, p.25) argue that online experience represents feelings and emotion that consumer experience when performing online activities there different emotional experiences while processing the online activities that could cherish consumer with various shopping motivations. Online Shopping Acceptance Model (OSAM) focus on the online shopping characteristics and to explain and predict consumer acceptance towards online shopping by enhancing the attitude, belief, behavior and intention relationship that stated in Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Zhou, Dai & Zhang 2007, p. 50). OSAM summarized the factors and impact towards consumer online shopping there is nine consumer factor which includes personal traits, normative beliefs, demographics, psychological perception, shopping motivation, shopping orientation, online shopping experience, Internet experience and online experience that had been identified (Donald & Scott 2009, p. 20).
Tran (2012, p. 15) acknowledge that the entire process of online purchase experience is the key that could lead to consumer's trust. Belief and trust in e-commerce influenced by online past experience (Fuller, Serva and Benamati 2007, p. 681). Past literature show that previous online experiences have a strong effect than perceived security and vendor competence on consumers' beliefs in e-commerce (Regina and Frank 2007, p. 241). In order to develop consumer's trust respond, repeated interactions with consumers is needed (Maria 2007, p. 9). Consumers' expectation towards customer service can significantly enrich consumer experience. Consumer online behaviour has been found that significantly influenced by consumer trust (Marc and Julian 2002, p. 1266). The trusting relationship between customers and the business required a high level of interactivity for an effective fulfillment of customer positive experience (Panagiota et al. 2001, p. 330). A website that provides easy navigation and good web experience to customers is enabled to develop customers' trust toward the website as well as the company because a positive customer's web experience would lead to customer's trust development (Fauzia, Ahmed and Farooq 2012, p. 2518). Previous experience is an essential indicator towards the beliefs and satisfactory from the consumer point of view regarding the online interaction experiences (Regina and Frank 2007, pp. 242).
Moreover, this research report supports the conclusion of consumer trust in e-commerce is affected by consumer previous online experiences whether is it positive or negative experience (Marc and Julian 2002, p. 1265). There are also strong evidence shows that consumer past online experience exert more impact on customer trust value (Pinheiro 2014, p. 115). This statement was not surprising because the online shopping environment is load with risk and a single bad experience of online transaction could ruin the subsequent trust value towards the environment (Regina and Frank 2007, pp. 243).

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