The types of printers Essay

The types of printers, 225 words essay example

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A laser printer on the other is way faster and does not print noisily than the dot matrix version since it is similar with the photocopier technology of transferring image through a paper by scanning it.
Once user clicks the print button, the printer "reads" the document and transfers the text of document through a laser beam and prints it using electrical charges. Although the printing quality of a laser printer is more vivid and prints faster, its ink is costly. Some printer requires the use of a toner which is a type of dry powder ink so that the image or text can stick to the paper.
In terms of function, the laser printer is similar with an inkjet printer except that the ink from the inkjet is wet. An inkjet printer is actually even more expensive than the laser one because its ink can easily dry and have to replaced frequently.
In the past, printing even just for a one-page document takes a lot of effort and time since letter blocks soaked in ink have to arranged manually and pressed on heavy metal plates. With the emergence of better printers, this is of great help to the print media since they will be able to create better-looking books, magazines, and newspapers. Additionally, they will be able to print more copies and faster too.

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