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Viscosities of composites that can be used for products such as breads, muffin, and cookies for improving the texture quality and health benefits

3.2.3 Pasting profile of composite flour (wheat + GG) Table 6 indicate that peak, final and breakdown viscosity increased with incorporation of guar gum (0.5, 1%) in flour whereas no significant changes ( p>0.05) were observed for trough and...

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The duties of Quality planning agent

Interface agent acts as a medium between the stakeholder and other agents. It is responsible for getting the information from the user either it may be quality requirements or the feedback from the client regarding the installed system during the...


Important improvements for decrypted image's quality.

These improvements include calibration of the visual quality of the decrypted image, decreases in pixel expansion, increases in image contrast, and the development of stenography. Stenography is the hiding of secret images or other data in a public...

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The Modigliani-Miller Theorems

The Modigliani-Miller characterizes expense of value is a straight capacity of the association's debt/value proportion. As per them, for any firm in a given danger class, the expense of value is equivalent to the consistent normal expense of capital...

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The types of printers

A laser printer on the other is way faster and does not print noisily than the dot matrix version since it is similar with the photocopier technology of transferring image through a paper by scanning it. Once user clicks the print button, the...

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