Learning Examples

Learning in MultiAgent Systems

2.6 Learning in MultiAgent SystemsMultiAgent Systems have been commonly used to apply ideas of decentralization in complex problems. These ideas include the fields of distributed systems, e.g. Actor model, as described earlier in Section 2.4. In...


What is critical thinking?

The more you know, the easier it will be for you to learn new things. Critical thinking is not about accumulating information. A critical thinker knows how to utilize information in terms of problem solving, and seeks relevant resources to keep...

critical thinking

The role of Internet and Online – discussion in the process of learning

Integrative consensus allows everyone to express his or points of view and ideas from all lead to consensus which is a synthesis of everyones thoughts. Such synthesis is created on the basis of all group members viewpoints in relation with the...

process, learning, online, discussion

Importance of life-long learning from the teacher’s perspective

Most people think of learning as formal education at a college, polytechnic or university. We're told from a young age, that we should get a good education. And well, generally speaking, it is true, a formal education with the resulting...

learning, life, teacher, importance

Role of writing course in the improvement of my writing skills

I used to despise the thought of having to write a paper for a class. Having to sit down and write about something that, at the time, I felt was insignificant to my life as a student or a person. In high school I wrote essays with the question being...

skills, writing

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