Role of writing course in the improvement of my writing skills Essay

Role of writing course in the improvement of my writing skills, 500 words essay example

Essay Topic: skills, writing

I used to despise the thought of having to write a paper for a class. Having to sit down and write about something that, at the time, I felt was insignificant to my life as a student or a person. In high school I wrote essays with the question being "Compare and contrast.." or "Explain how.." and none of these essays pertained to actual writing. I was graded on if my response was correct and most likely were in a history or fine arts class. I took literature as a class but I never took an english class that was taught the way that this was. I was never asked to write about something in my life, or taught how to use writing in different circumstances. This class allowed me to further explore writing.
The first paper assigned to my class, titled "Where are you going, Where have you been" on blackboard, created an epiphany and spurred my growth in writing. I realized that writing about what you know, in this case myself, can be used as an outlet and to explore new ideas. Writing that specific paper didn't feel like doing homework or an assignment for class, it gave me something to do that was relaxing. It inspired a long term interest in writing and became a substitute for sitting in bed watching Netflix all day on a Sunday. Because of this I have gone from only writing when given an assignment, to writing everyday. I keep a notepad on my computer and write as much as possible, keeping my roommate up with my typing.
I think that not only I, but everyone could grow more at anything they do, so as a writer, of course I could improve. I will probably never be perfect at something because there is always room for improvement.
As previously mentioned I enjoyed the first assignment because it pertained to us, personally, as readers and writers. I also enjoy writing this final paper, currently. This opinion piece allows us to actually look back and show us how we have actually learned something in this class and how we have actually changed as writers. I appreciated literature before this class but I never thought that I would enjoy writing, myself. Though I am not sitting around like Paula Hawkins and writing like I would a novel, I never thought writing about my day or opinions I have, or just random things I am thinking could be so entertaining and rewarding.
All in all, this class has been very enlightening. Not only did it help me improve as a writer, but it helped me improve as a person. This class helped me to realize what I like and what I do not like to write. It has inspired me to go home after a day of classes and write about what I have learned and actually ask questions of why or just write about my day in general. So after taking this course, thank you.

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