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The importance of Environmental Control System (ECS) in the aircraft cabin.

Consistently there are more than one billion individuals traveling by airplanes throughout the world and this number is expected to be doubled in the next 20 years Aircrafts operate in a physical environment that is not survivable by unprotected...

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Importance of life-long learning from the teacher’s perspective

Most people think of learning as formal education at a college, polytechnic or university. We're told from a young age, that we should get a good education. And well, generally speaking, it is true, a formal education with the resulting...

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Importance of literacy for today’s society

Therefore, it only goes to follow that the 11th grade is a great time to nurture this love for reading. According to Block (1997), Defining Literacy Up author Donald Block (1997), "today literacy is far more than the ability to sound out a few words...

society, literacy, importance

The importance of Miranda law

Do you know that Miranda is more than words? Miranda Law is more than just only words it is rights. Miranda Law gives us rights in the courtroom, or when getting arrested. When Miranda Law is read to you. Important of Miranda Rights. Miranda makes...

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The importance of purification treatment for eliminating toxins

Purification or cleansing is the far widely tapped primary treatment and concept in unconventional medicine. It is founded on the belief that ailments are caused through the buildup of toxins or toxic substances within the human body. Thus...


The importance of geometry in Cubism

Modernist designers adopted the importance of geometry from the Cubist painters. During the Bauhaus, geometry became a crucial element of design. Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky was hired by Gropius in 1922 to teach visual design and painting. He...

importance, geometry

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