How to save money in business and at home? Essay

How to save money in business and at home?, 481 words essay example

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Saving Time and Money in Business as well as at Home
These days every business needs ways to save time and money without delivering less value to their clients.
Following are some strategies to save time and money in your business or at home
1. Stop Buying Stuff
Dont buy it if you dont need it, regardless of how great the deal is. There's no right price for something you don't actually need.
2. Do it yourself
Instead of hiring someone, do the simple jobs yourself. Acquiring janitorial services costs more if you need empty dustbins every day and replace liners daily. Few people fill dustbins every day, some don't in a week. Therefore, using janitorial services for emptying wastebaskets once in week can save you some money.
3. Use Email
Use email to set up phone calls. Tell the client what you need to discuss, and whether you require a decision from them, information, or just a discussion. Using email will help you avoid frustrating phone tag.
4. Photo Document Mishaps
Take photos of the document mishaps with your cell phones camera. Photos of the damage, an accident, the place where it happened, etc. can be valuable in case of a dispute or an insurance claim.
5. Plan Ahead
Before making a trip, plan all your activities to save time. Think of making a loop, hitting every required stop and ending where you need to be. By doing this, you be able to save time, fuel, wear & tear on vehicles, and money.
6. Group Similar Tasks
Do similar tasks in a group. Whether its paying bills, returning phone calls, mailings, documenting or whatever, grouping will help in saving a lot of time.
7. Use Meeting Agendas
Dont hold on a meeting without an agenda. Take notes and record who will do what and when, then follow up. It's a great time saving habit.
8. Get to the point
Try not to write long letters or emails if short ones will do. Also voicemails. Questions like what's the subject, what do you require (information, help, meeting, etc.), when would you be able to call back? , etc. will help you get to the point and save you from longer conversations.
9. Have everything on a Smartphone
Electronically merge all of your contact information, calendar, agenda, tasks, etc. on a smartphone which is backed up to your computer. Having a good smartphone will also help with text messaging, email and internet access, additionally serving as a calculator, alarm clock, camera, and more. Make a habit of printing out your phonebook and calendar once in a while, and store it in a safe place, just in case.
10. Save Electricity
Turn off lights when nobody's around. Unplug chargers, turn off printers, shut down computers overnight. All these things use electricity even in their idle state. Use LED bulbs or fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs, because they are energy efficient and use far less electricity and pay off in savings in long term usage.

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