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How to save money in business and at home?

Saving Time and Money in Business as well as at HomeThese days every business needs ways to save time and money without delivering less value to their clients.Following are some strategies to save time and money in your business or at home1. Stop...

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The main causes of assets for funds organizations

Investment funds organizations get an expansive segment of their assets from the reserve funds deposits, more so than huge business banks. While reserve funds organizations can contribute NOW accounts, they can't offer the customary interest...

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How do married couples deal with financial planning for the family?

When doing the financial planning for the family, married couples need to agree on how much each will contribute to shared household expenses and savings. They also need a set of ground rules, such as should not have any new creditcard debt. They...


Regulation and Supervision of the Financial System

Regulation and Supervision of the Financial SystemAnother important function of the state bank is to assure the soundness of the financial system, as it has been given vast powers under the State Bank of Pakistan Act, 1956. The state bank monitors...

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The influence of minimum wage policy on the increase of workers' productivity

Last but not least, minimum wage policy can bring positive impact which is increase in productivity. This is in relation to the efficiency wage theory that states higher wages will motivate workers to work harder and perform well. Higher payroll to...

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Stock options in trading service

Project Title Stock Options Trading ServiceCategory FinanceIntroduction A stock option in trading service is the right, but not the compulsion to buy or sell something on a particular date at a particular price. In the stock market, an option is a...


Our Review of Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramse

Chapters six through eight make up the second part of The Total Money Makeover. In these chapters, Dave Ramsey tells us how we are to start the process of building that foundation to financial peace. This process is a series of 7 Baby Steps, which...

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Islamic banking and finance: the benefits of Sharia Compliant financial services and products

On one side, is the very craving dream of development while on the other side is faith. Moreover there is a sufficient number of experts who think and expound that prohibited means usury (additional amount charged on consumption loans) and not...

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The peculiarities of Islamic banking and finance

Islamic banking is defined as an interest free system based on profit & loss sharing (PLS) principles. It came to the picture in the late twentieth century and has grown tremendously in the last twenty years. This growth can be connected to the...

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