Play “Lysistrata” Essay

Play “Lysistrata”, 493 words essay example

Essay Topic: play

s used a lot in terms of "hunting" but not hunting as going and killing other animals. But hunting down men if physical harm was done to the women. "By Artemis, its nasty on chords."(Lysistrata 393). This was referenced when Myrrhine wants a bed but her husband does not, and It represents the need for a mattress for sex. This is similar to how Artemis needs her bowstrings to use her bow. Hekate, figure 4, is personified in the play when Lysistrata and Calonice are waiting for the other women to arrive to their meeting. Calonice states that the women must have to consult with Hekate in order to find their way. These gods and goddess have a small role in the play compare to Aphrodite and Athena. Without the influence of these two there would be no conflict throughout the play. Athena and Aphrodite are the big influences in the play. Aphrodite, figure 5, the goddess of love, is the driving force behind the men's' desire for their lovers. If it weren't for Aphrodite there would not be a huge desire for the men to end the war. For instance, the scene where Myrrhine keeps teasing her husband to the point where he will explode if he doesn't have sex with his wife. Because he wants to make love to her so badly and she continues to withhold it the husband gets angry faster. Athena, figure 6, is another major influence in the play. Athena basically guides the thoughts of Lysistrata. If it weren't for Lysistrata's desire to fight the war with withholding sex then there wouldn't be a conflict for the men and women to have. Lysistrata also shows a little bit of Athena influence at the very beginning when she comes up with the idea to fight conflict with another style of conflict. Athena would have used this same idea to fight conflict to protect the human race.
Part 2
Sparta is one of the major cities talked about in Lysistrata. When they were talking about Lampito and the other Spartans they are thought of to be stronger and better. In many movies and books Spartan men are seen as the superior warriors. The same is in this play except for it more refers to the beauty that the women had and how strong they were. Lampito specifically is seen as a woman that could" throttle a bull" (lysistrata 279) which just clarifies that these woman are built. Her being of great power convinced the opposing side of Sparta to also withhold sex from their lovers. The second city that was referred to was Boeotia in reference to the character Ismenia. The woman of Boeotia are generally well groomed in the genital area and being vey attractive to men. Because Ismenia doesn't say anything throughout the play I am assuming she agreed with Lysistrata. This could give the idea that Boeotia is a city that shows what they feel through actions as oppose to talking.

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