play Examples

Play “Lysistrata”

s used a lot in terms of "hunting" but not hunting as going and killing other animals. But hunting down men if physical harm was done to the women. "By Artemis, its nasty on chords."(Lysistrata 393). This was referenced when Myrrhine wants a bed but...


‘The Case against Free Will’: does free will or free choice play a part in our behavior?

In his article, "The Case against Free Will" James Rachels investigates the idea of choice and what makes through and through freedom a vital idea. Rachels additionally contends that just individual and God have unrestrained choice, yet God's...

free will, choice, behavior, play

The detection of tragedy in ‘Agamemnon’ play

The basis of this play has to do with a man named Agamemnon who had never grasped the idea of having to sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenia. He makes the decision to do it, but he has second thoughts and decides to recede from his plans of sacrificing...

tragedy, agamemnon, play

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