Should abortion be legal? Essay

Should abortion be legal?, 503 words essay example

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We have all heard or witnessed someone struggling with abortion. But the question is should it be legal. The problem with abortion is that it is murder an has always been an issue that started with the Roe vs. Ferguson case. Although, abortions have been ongoing since the early 1800s. Abortion should be legal because some do not graduate with children, cannot afford to live with a child, and terrified of giving a child life. There is not a enormous amount of abortions going on in the U.S., but the percentage is fair.
Most women with children feel as if they would not be able to graduate with a child. They feel as if kids will take what the world has to offer. Then the parents with a child most likely would drop out from school because they feel it is better. If you drop out you will cheat yourself out of life as well as having a positive career. Some feel like it is just not that much time in the day to take care of their child or children and still be able to go to school all at once. But is it possible for that person to have not even giving birth to that infant.
For example, my mother was a hard working woman who never asks nor received a handout. She strived and worked hard her entire life. When she was just a freshman in High school in Cheraw, SC she ended up giving birth to me. Still pushing with people asking her to get an abortion but instead took care of her responsibilities. She did not have any help from her elders and by her senior year in high school she ended up giving birth to my little sister. So for those who can not handle the responsibilities that come with that little bundle of joy it is your chose to either raise it or abort it.
Now for those of you who think abortions should not be an option let me talk from your point of view. Eight percent of U.S. women obtaining abortions are teenagers those aged 1517 obtain six percent of all abortions, 1819 yearolds obtain a really small number of abortions (research from guttermacher.org) . These are calculations estimated around the U.S. You see very fair amount. Half of the pregnancies in the U.S are not planned out. So instead of keeping the child abortion is their best bet. The average age for women who have abortion are about 20 years of age.
However since they are older women fresh out of high school you can not really think they have their heads on straight. Most probably do not have a father figure to look up to. Most do not have a babys father to help raise the child. Last but not least, some are not responsible to take care of the child and they understand. They feel as if they are doing the child a favor for not ongoing with the pregnancy.

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