legal Examples

Should abortion be legal?

We have all heard or witnessed someone struggling with abortion. But the question is should it be legal. The problem with abortion is that it is murder an has always been an issue that started with the Roe vs. Ferguson case. Although, abortions have...

abortion, legal

Legal industry in business

We live in a time where the dynamics of conducting any business despite its nature or size, are changing drastically. The legal industry is no exception to these burgeoning changes. It is competitive, has always been  but with the rapid changes the ...

business, legal

The Pennsylvania colony, legal system and human rights.

The Penn family was part of a religious outcast group called the Quakers. These group of people are extreme pacifists, avoiding all conflict with each other. They believe that all 'friends' are equal in the eyes of god, no matter your race or...

human rights, legal

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