The Pennsylvania colony, legal system and human rights. Essay

The Pennsylvania colony, legal system and human rights., 499 words essay example

Essay Topic: human rights, legal

The Penn family was part of a religious outcast group called the Quakers. These group of people are extreme pacifists, avoiding all conflict with each other. They believe that all 'friends' are equal in the eyes of god, no matter your race or religion. By using Quaker values as a guide, it allows Pennsylvania to reflect upon and grow, based upon these religious values. Women here are viewed as sisters, and are placed equally in society along with their husbands. Their fellow neighbors, the Native Americans are treated fairly, as they too are considered children of God, and must be treated as so. The Pennsylvania colony is equally distributed out geographically, containing both urban areas as well as the wilderness, reflecting social equality. The Pennsylvania colony is completely against the enslavement of African people, unlike the southern colonies, who treat their slaves no more equal to them than the dirt on the bottom of their shoes. Here, each man will work for his families profit without enslaving innocent people. Being a Christian myself, Pennsylvania's most promising and inviting quality is that there is no religious requirement. I will not have to abide by any church rules, or follow something other than my own beliefs. This attractive quality is only taking place in this colony. This invites not only myself, but also other oppressed European groups, who would like to join me on my journey. After settling into my new home in Pennsylvania, I would make a living by planting, farming and exporting goods. Because I am seen as an equal to the men around me, I am not expected to stay at home, watching the children and cooking dinner as my husband farms the land around us. I have equal say when it came to business deals, and how our farm will be managed. Without the use of slaves, I will grow and harvest corn and wheat in order to support my family. This colony offers many educational opportunities, and operates the first anti-slavery societies, as well as newspapers. All that is asked from me is to pay my local taxes for the towns roads, and for our military. My political rights remain just that, my rights. Pennsylvania is the colony that sets the expectations for government during this time. Church and state are considered separate, and unlike Europe, I will not be taxed for my religious status. Around me, towns and houses are being built by thousands of culturally diverse people. Pennsylvania is fair and it is equal to all of the people who choose to make a life here. Out of all the colonies settled in British North America, I would prefer to live in this colony because a good life is easy to obtain, and religious freedom for my family would make our lives more enjoyable. My life as a dependable farmer and member of society will be well respected among my peers, and the lives of future generations would be inspired to do the same.

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