Smart vs. Intelligent Essay

Smart vs. Intelligent, 497 words essay example

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Smart vs. Intelligent
In today's society, intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. People often use the term "smart" as a synonym for intelligence when talking about someone who displays exceptional ability to understand and adapt. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term "smart" as having or showing quick-witted intelligence. To most people, the words are interchangeable, but the two share very different meanings.
Smart is an earned title. People are not born smart. Effort is needed to become smarter with time. One does not simply wake up and become smart, it is earned over time. One way to use smart to describe a being is forms of sarcasm, such as "smart aleck" and "smart ass." When thinking of a person who has witty comebacks, the term "intelligent" is almost likely to never be applied.
The term "smart" is often used to describe appearances. When talking about a smart appearance, it is implying that you look good or are dressed appropriate for the occasion. In no way does saying someone has a smart appearance mean that they are intelligent. Someone could be a smart dresser, but lack every form of intelligence.
Decision making is also a big topic when thinking of smart and intelligent. A smart decision can be made quick and still be good for the current situation, but does not look into the future and ultimately has negative effects. An intelligent decision is made when you look at both the present and future. An example of a smart decision and an intelligent decision would be A student has a 4.0 GPA, perfect SAT score, and wants to go out of state for school. This student does not apply for scholarships from personal donors, but is determined to go to Princeton University without the financial help. Because of the decision to go to Princeton, this student is now in hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of debt. If this student would have made the decision to stay in state and go to the University of Georgia, this student would have received Zell Miller, and not have had to pay for tuition, resulting in not accumulating any debt and receiving the same degree.
Intelligence is often defined as being able to make rational decisions based off prior knowledge and experiences. People often base intelligence off of how smart you are, but, for instance, a person's class grades or work ethic do not define their level intelligence. When thinking of intelligent people, Ivy League scholars come to mind. Most people would think a student at Yale would be much more intelligent than a student at a community college, such as Georgia Highlands. They view Yale, a prestigious Ivy League school, to be the home of some the most intelligent scholars in the United States. The difference between a smart student and an intelligent student is the way they apply their education to everyday situations and the way the make the necessary changes to better their futures.

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