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Do women really earn less than men?

In Western society today, despite equal pay acts in countries like Australia, the United States and England, women still earn less than men. The pay gap among genders remains one of the most distinct and clear indicators of economic inequality among...

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The Missouri Compromise

The principal demonstration concerning subjection in the United States was the Northwest Ordinance Act of 1787. This demonstration pronounced that there was no subjection permitted over the Ohio River. This was the start of the divisions of the...

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Kyllo v United States Case

Kyllo v United StatesTitle and CitationKyllo v United Stateshttp//caselaw.findlaw.com/ussupremecourt/533/27.htmlFacts of the caseThe police arrested the defendant (Kyllo) for growing marijuana in his home. The police officers used thermal...

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Different aspects of the incarceration of arrested persons, taking the case of the United States.

Incarceration of arrested persons has attracted the attention of most researchers from an ethnic point of view. For most researchers, it appears that the rates of incarceration vary significantly with race and ethnic backgrounds. In this review...

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Smart vs. Intelligent

Smart vs. IntelligentIn today's society, intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. People often use the term "smart" as a synonym for intelligence when talking about someone who displays exceptional ability to understand...

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Cultural validity of diagnosing multicultural clients

In chapter 18, the authors of this text question the cultural validity of diagnosing multicultural clients. In order to ensure the best outcome a person's background, gender, religious belief, and family interactions must be taken into account...

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Marbury v. Madison

Marbury v. Madison (1803)United States Supreme Court, 1803. 5 U.S. 137, 1 Cranch 137, 2 L. Ed. 60Facts Last day sitting in office, President Adams, under the Organic Act named 16 (sixteen) new Circuit Court Justices and 42 (forty-two) Justices of...

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Selena Quintanilla-Prez: the Queen of Tejano

Selena Quintanilla-Prez was an American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, actress, and fashion designer. Called the Queen of Tejano music, her contributions to music and fashion made her one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of...

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