The Platypus Essay

The Platypus, 495 words essay example

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There are hundreds and thousands of different types of animals on Earth, some more specially made than others. To me some of the more special types of animals are the kind that might have lived a really long time ago. The type of animal you are going to be learning about today is one of the few mammals that can lay eggs. Of course what the animal I have been telling you about is none other than the platypus, and during the time you are reading this report you will learn all about this wonderful creature.

The platypus lives in rivers and lakes that are in the eastern coast of Australia and the island of Tasmania. They make their burrows along these rivers and lakes in their territory so when they want to they can go out and hunt. The platypus makes his burrow 6 16 meters long so that so that when it gets to its sleeping chamber all the water has seeped out of its fur and it is dry. Platypuses can make their burrows under rock ledges, roots, or even in the debris. Some have even been found on plateaus lowland and the mountains in both areas.

The platypus gets its daily nutrition from the bottom of rivers and lakes. They use their special bills to help them navigate through the water and eventually catch their prey. Platypuses have no teeth so when they have to ?they use any dirt or gravel that they used when they were scooping up their food and use their special grinding plates inside their bills and use those to smash the food to make it digestible says Alina Bradfords internet site. The platypus mainly eats crayfish, worms, insects, and fish eggs. 

Some fun facts about the platypus is that the males are some of the few mammals that are poisonous. They have spurs on the back of their back feet that they can use to stab things with and eject the poison in the poison sack. Another fun fact is that they can stay underwater up to 140 seconds ( which is two minutes and 20 seconds. One last fun fact is that the platypuss latin name is Ornithorhynchus and its species type is Ornithorhynchus anatinus.These are some of the many interesting facts about the platypus.

So now that you know all about the special animal called the platypus you now I know what I mean about how spectacular this animal really is. So in all throughout this report you have learned all about the platypus and how it lives. You have learned that this animal how this animal has to survive. Plus you have also learned how it is one of the few mammals that can lay eggs to get hatchling. Additionally you have also learned how this animal is one of the few mammals that has poison. After reading all of this I hope that you think that the platypus is as great and spectacular as I do.

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