The treatment of Leptospirosis Essay

The treatment of Leptospirosis, 499 words essay example

Essay Topic: time, muscle, profile, progress

Like the other diseases, Leptospirosis. This disease can be treated with antibiotics that should be given as early in the course of illness as possible. If anyone have the symptoms of Leptospirosis and have been exposed to water that have a big possibility to be contaminated with urine of infected animals, they should have a consult with the doctors immediately. If Leptospirosis is suspected then appropriate antibiotics will be prescribed. For this reason, early treatment is the most effective thing to be done when the symptoms started to show. Clinicians should never wait for the results of laboratory tests before starting the treatment with antibiotics. Although the global burden of Leptospirosis remains inordinate and new aspects of the disease are constantly recognized, little progress has been achieved in the field of Leptospirosis medicines and inquiries regarding the utility of antibiotics in the late severe form of the disease remain. From the currently existing data, conclusions on the effect of antibiotic administration in severe or late disease cannot easily be determined, since clinical trials have different selection of criterias that may focuses on Leptospira serovars with different virulence (WHO West Pacific, 2012). However, as a rule the benefit of the doubt should apply. Moreover, new options, such as ceftriaxone, a broad-spectrum semisynthetic cephalosporin antibiotic that have a high quality of safety profile to penicillin. In vitro studies have outlined potential antimicrobial candidates such as macrolides and ketolides. Therefore, the development of a globally accepted sub-unit of vaccine for humans is warranted but is not expected in the near future. Treatment in pets important, so that it will not spreads the disease. Researchers proved if a pet has been confirmed by the veterinarian as having Leptospirosis, the appropriate action to take will depend on the nature of contact with the pet. Normal daily activities with the pet will not put their owner at high risk for Leptospirosis infection. One of the types of contacts that is considered to be high risk, the one that include the direct or indirect contact with urine, blood, and tissues of the pet during its infection. Secondly, careful assisting in the delivery of newborns from an infected animal should also be taken seriously. If the pet's owners have these types of high-risk contacts with his pet during the time of its infection, they should inform the physicians. If common symptoms, such as muscle aches, fever, and headaches occur within 3 weeks after a high-risk exposure, then these people are advised to check with the physicians. The tests will be performed to see if the suspected patient is confirmed to have this disease. After all, Leptospirosis is treatable with antibiotics. Other than that, the treatment methods that can be used are dialysis and hydration therapy, which may be required to ensure the kidneys are functioned well. With this, the duration between exposure to the bacteria and progress of disease is usually 5 to 14 days, but can be as short as a few days or as long as 30 days or more.

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