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The subtypes of the EP-receptors

In particular, PGE1 will bind to select G protein coupled surface PGE (EP) receptors or prostacyclin (IP) receptor thus elicits an array of intracellular responses (Fig. 2 ) [9]. There are four subtypes of the EP-receptor, which are EP1, EP2, EP3...

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The treatment of Leptospirosis

Like the other diseases, Leptospirosis. This disease can be treated with antibiotics that should be given as early in the course of illness as possible. If anyone have the symptoms of Leptospirosis and have been exposed to water that have a big...

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How the hearth works?

pericardium. Made up of connective tissue and fats, its function is to act as an additional layer of protection underneath the pericardium. The myocardium is made up of fibres of cardiac muscle tissue, its function is to contract and relax, pushing...

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Immunosuppressive and Stem Cells

Anti-rejection medications have immediate side effects may include gastrointestinal problems, mouth sores, stomach upset. By taking these medications also increase the risk of developing certain tumors and cancers.Diet and Nutrition the person who...

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The Acute Injuries and the Rehabilitation Phases

Imaging Plain radiographies are not as efficient in examination of acute injuries as ultrasound and MR imaging. MR imaging is superior when it comes to the evaluation of injuries deep in muscle portions. Location of an injury and the seriousness...

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