The usage of drones in package delivery Essay

The usage of drones in package delivery, 473 words essay example

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Recently, large companies such as Amazon and Google have shared their idea of using drones to deliver packages to consumers. Amazon has gone so far as to advertise thirty-minute delivery times with the use of drone technology. Through research and use of expert opinion, this report will focus on the feasibility of using drones for delivery services. This type of service raises concerns among the public. In a 2013 survey by the Huffington Post only 23 percent of Americans think that drone delivery services are a good idea (Swanson, 2013). Issues such as technology, safety, and logistics need to be addressed. The scale at which drone delivery is being proposed has its own logistic problems. This report will address the issues noted and propose solutions.
Research for this report was conducted using the Tarleton State University Library Resources and internet search engines to find creditable information. Discussion will be presented as follows
The technology required for drone delivery is beyond the current widespread technology. Drones will need to be completely automated. (Bamburry, 2015) Drones, currently on the market on the market, such as the Phantom 4, do have auto-pilot settings that allow them to fly a pre-programmed flight path and avoidance technology to avoid obstacles. (Corrigan, 2016) However, a completely autonomous drone will be required for drone delivery.
Safety is of upmost concern for many, including the FAA who is currently in the process of reviewing regulations regarding the use of commercial drones. Autonomous drones will need to be proven that they are not a significant threat to public safety.
The logistics of operating a large scale automated drone delivery system seems overwhelming. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is confidant that they will have their system fully functional by 2020. (Bamburry, 2015) Furthermore, several solutions have been proposed such as delivery-truck augmentation, where delivery trucks will be equipped with drones. (Murray, Chu, 2015)
The scale at which companies will be able to offer drone delivery services will be limited. Amazon advertises that it will eventually offer 30-minute delivery times. (Pogue, 2016) This will obviously not be immediately available to all areas Amazon currently delivers to.
Technology for drones have come a long way in recent years. On January 7, 2013 DJI released its phantom drone for sale. The drone was relatively simple to use and was equipped with a camera. Since then drones have been equipped with accelerometers, GPS and avoidance technology. (Ripley, 2015) DJI's newest drone, the Phantom 4, is equipped with all these technologies as well as a 4k camera. (Corrigan, 2016) It's no secret that Amazon surprised people when they revealed their drone delivery plan on 60 Minutes. In the 60 Minutes interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Bezos claims that the drones used will be completely autonomous. Meaning they will pick up packages and deliver them to a GPS location and return all without human intervention. (Johnson, 2013) This autonomous technology does not yet exist to this capacity.

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