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What is LinledIn and what are its benefits?

of communicating directly with other users. The site allows every user to communicate with another directly. This results in an overload on timelines especially for businesses with a large number of followers which makes it difficult to reply to...

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The usage of drones in package delivery

IntroductionRecently, large companies such as Amazon and Google have shared their idea of using drones to deliver packages to consumers. Amazon has gone so far as to advertise thirty-minute delivery times with the use of drone technology. Through...

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Dell’s and Google’s Conflict

TO Professor CrumptonFROM Sarah FanningSUBJECT Laws vs Ethics, Dell vs GoogleDATE June 7, 2016Laws and ethics are different in many ways. Laws have to do with principles and regulations. They say what we should do. Ethics have to do with moral...

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Cybersecurity: an overview on latest viruses

Sent a warning message to users telling them that their computer has been identified by the FBI as being used for child pornography or other illegal activities and that they need to pay a fine to have their system unlocked. Cryptolocker Is a more...

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