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Wet Scrubbers, types and their performance.

A venturi scrubber has a convergingdiverging flow channel. In this type of system the crosssectional area of the channel decreases along the length of the channel (converging section), initially up to the narrowest area, known as throat. Then after...

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The Amblyopia Treatment

Nevertheless, after treatment with glasses and two-hours patching, patients usually experience residual amblyopia. Hence, If amblyopia is still present and no improvement in vision is seen with initial patching, treatment choices include maintaining...

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The Action Potential

An action potential is when neurons connect via long distances by producing and sending an electrical signal. The action potential begins at the soma, more specifically, the axon hillock, where the density of the voltage gated sodium channels are...

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Periodontitis is an immunoinflammatory disease characterized by the loss of tooth supporting structures, including the connective tissue attachment and the alveolar bone. Plaque and bacteria are generally recognized as the primary cause of the...

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