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Changes to the business model Pricing, Promotion & Product

After joining J.C. Penny, Johnson spent a few months in crafting his plan and quickly concluded that transformative changes were required to save J.C. Penney. In January 2012, Johnson revealed his plan that proposed changes spanning seven key areas...

pricing, business, promotion, model

The explanation of the ASSURE Instructional Design Model

Assure Instructional Design ModelThe ASSURE model is an ISD (Instructional Systems Design) process that was modified to be used by teachers in the regular classroom The ISD process is one in which teachers and trainers can use to design and develop...

explanation, instructional, model

The establishment of alternative model of urbanism for the fragmented city of Skopje

This dissertation is about establishing alternative model of urbanism for the fragmented city of Skopje. The contemporary city of Skopje is dialectical, it is both thesis and antithesis. Its urban-scape is a result of contradictions of its society...


Customizing the Stage-Gate model to suit an association's advancement capacity

Preceding every stage, a task goes through a gate where a choice is made regardless of whether to keep putting resources into the undertaking. These serve as quality-control checkpoints with three objectives guarantee nature of execution, assess...


The OAIS environment and information model

 Viability At the simple level, preservation requires that a digital object be kept safe and intact. Maintaining the integrity of a digital object as a sequence of bits overtime is a well understood process that can be carried out with...

environment, information, model

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