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The explanation of the ASSURE Instructional Design Model

Assure Instructional Design ModelThe ASSURE model is an ISD (Instructional Systems Design) process that was modified to be used by teachers in the regular classroom The ISD process is one in which teachers and trainers can use to design and develop...

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The explanation of basic needs of social institutions

Social institutions are established sets of norms hat support each society's survival. Each part carries out certain tasks and has different responsibilities that add to the overall operation and support of a society. This helps to decrease...

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The explanation of interprofessional teams in the healthcare setting

Interprofessional Teams in the Healthcare SettingAccording to Koch (2014), Members of an interprofessional team can include, "chaplains, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, physical therapists, physicians, respiratory therapists, social workers, and...

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The explanation of Graves disease

Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder that deals specifically with the thyroid gland. The body makes antibodies that bind to TSHR, thyroid stimulating receptor, on the thyroid gland. This leads to hyperthyroidism or a huge increase in the release...

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