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The types and strategies of interviewing

by Interaction Type Interviewing - it consists of to ask the domain expert questions regarding domain of interest and how task is performed by them. Interviews can be done structured, semi- structured or unstructured. Interview' success is based on...

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The particulate removal mechanism in the wet scrubbers

The power required for ID fan can be computed by using the Equation no. 6.4.Power Calculation of ID fan Power input at fan shaft = power drawn by motor motor efficiency ..(6.4)Fan Static efficiency .(6.5)i.e. Combining (6.4) and (6.5)Fan static...

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The comparison of results of heat transfer between air and water.

Figs. 10 and 11 show the variation in the convection and evaporation potential, respectively, as the fill height changes from 0 to 1.2 m, for different inlet wet-bulb temperatures (from 286 to 294 K). In Fig. 11, it is noted that evaporation...

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Decentralization and its types

Devolution. A third kind of official decentralization is devolution. After powers devolve purposes, they transfer power for decisionmaking, finance, and association to quasiautonomous constituents of innate power alongside company status. Devolution...

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Rome's Pantheon – from paganism to Christianity

take long until Christianity became the official religion of Rome. In 380, with the Edict of Theodosius, the emperor Theodosius pronounced that all citizens of the empire were Christian, and outlawed paganism. Pagan temples were shut down...

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Organic Electron Donors as Powerful Single-Electron Transfer Reducing Agents in Organic Synthesis

This hydrate is relatively stable and exhibits all the triphenylene properties. 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexamethoxytriphenylene (HMTP), a product from substitution of methyl group reaction is used as a new organic cathode material (Figure 2.6), which exhibit...

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The production of biofuels

 Several types of materials are found to be suitable for the production of biofuels. It must be stressed that it is not always possible to transfer the results of pretreatment from one type of material to another. Furthermore, one technology...

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