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An overview on life-span, life-space theory

Life-span, Life-space Theory.Donald Super's life- span, life-space theory of career development offers a firm foundation for research in role salience. Super (1980) posited that people play a variety of roles as they mature through their life-span....

space, life

What determines and affects our IQ?

There has been much debate about whether education can affect one's IQ. A reform that increased the compulsory schooling in Norway from 7 years to 9 years was used to study the effect of education on IQ. In a research conducted by Brinch &...

child abuse, domestic violence, environmental, power

Life beyond Earth: should we send humans to Mars?

How did you think about the aliens? Did you think they are really exists? If we success on send humans to mars, we can see aliens or another living things. Maybe, if we see aliens, they might be look same as us. According to INDEPENDENT news, Nasa's...

life, mars

What is the adaptive remote sensing image fusion technique

\section{Dataset characteristics }The adaptive remote sensing image fusion technique is implemented on several data set of remote sensing satellite images. The dataset is described as following in table...


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